White Coffee 醉香白咖啡
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“白咖啡”不仅是马来西亚着名的特产,甚至成为马来西亚特产的代名词,是许多旅客到来旅游必试的咖啡品种。白咖啡有别於其他咖啡,是其制作过程中添加的成分,制作的工艺以及口感方面带来不同于一般咖啡。白咖啡在马来西亚约有百年历史,它是采用上等Liberica Arabica Robusta咖啡豆及特级的脱脂奶精原料,经中轻度低温烘培及特殊工艺加工后大量去除咖啡碱,去除高温碳烤所产生的焦苦与酸涩味。


White coffee is not only a famous Malaysian specialty product, it has become ‘the’ specialty product, a coffee variety that attracts tourists to Malaysia just to taste it.White coffee is different from other coffee variety because of some special ingredients added during the production process, which gives it a distinct taste totally different from ordinary coffee.With about a 100-year-old history in Malaysia, white coffee is made with superior Liberica, Arabica, Robusta coffee beans and special grade skimmed milk. After going through low-to-moderate temperature roasting and special processing, caffeine is removed in large amount, together with the bitter and sour taste caused by high-temperature charcoal roasting.

During the production process, in which no additives are added, the bitter and sour taste as well as caffeine content in white coffee is minimized, giving it a robust taste that does not irritate the stomach. It is called ‘white coffee’ because the original aroma, smooth taste and golden yellow colour of coffee is all preserved.Some travellers have commented that white coffee is the most unique specialty product of Malaysia, and hastened to add that ‘you have not really been to Malaysia if you have not tasted white coffee!’ To give a real Malaysian taste to friends and relatives back home, white coffee is the real thing.
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